Rental Rules and Regulations

Rents:  A reminder that your lease specifies that rents are due and payable in advance on or before the first calendar day of each month.  A five-day grace period is provided after which a Buildium software driven late penalty of $75 will be added to the rent due.  If the fifth day of the month falls on a Sunday, rent is due the immediate following Monday, with unpaid fees being added on the 7th.  Rents should be paid via your Buildium portal resident center yet may also be placed in the JAMA drop box in the lobby of 341 Mt Vernon Ave. 

Lockouts: If you lock yourself out of your apartment during business hours, the unlock fee is $20.     After hours unlock fee is $50. 

Refund of Deposit: Deposits are refunded approximately two weeks after apartment is vacated.   It is the renter’s responsibility to have the carpet’s professionally cleaned, apartment and appliances should be cleaned and left in good condition.    Deductions in refund will be made for cleaning and repairs beyond acceptable wear and tear.  

Medical emergencies: We request to have on file in your Buildium profile, the name and number of all persons to be contacted in case of a medical emergency.

Maintenance: Each tenant is responsible for maintaining his or her unit in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.

Inspections:  Announced unit inspections are conducted at least annually by management.    Tenants are given several days notice prior to inspections  

Ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and disposals: When furnished by JAMA Properties, they will be maintained and repaired by our maintenance department.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep the appliances in a clean and safe condition.  Charges may be imposed for service due to neglect or misuse.  Please remove range hood filters and wash each monthly.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:  Please report any problems immediately.  Do not alter or repair the above units.  Kerosene heaters or any other alternate heat source is not permitted.

Plumbing:  Please report all plumbing problems to our office ASAP.  The old rules applies: “If it has not passed your lips – please do not flush it”.   Do not put grease, bottle caps, glass, pins, foil, rags, bones, corn cobs or husk through the disposals.  Run disposal frequently with plenty of water to keep them in good working order. 

Electrical: Please do not tamper with the electrical panel or circuit breakers in basements or in units themselves.  If you are experiencing any electrical difficulties, please notify use using your resident portal.

Carpet: Carpet should be vacuumed regularly to maintain a clean condition.  Carpet cleaning is the tenant’s responsibility.  When the apartment is vacated, it is the tenant’s responsibility to have the carpets professionally cleaned. 

Emergencies: In case of emergency, our emergency number, 740-396-9509 is staffed 24/7.  Management can be reached via phone at 740-383-4180.  Emergency is defined as broken water pipes, furnace failure, fire, vandalism and or situations detrimental to life or property.  Please use judgment in calling after business hours. 

Insurance: JAMA Properties insures their properties for fire, casualty and liability, however, we do not insure and are not responsible for any damage due to fire, theft, water or any other causative factors to your personal effects in your unit or stored in your basement locker.  We require each tenant to purchase a tenants (contents) insurance policy and list JAMA Properties added as a named insured.  This is for the protection of your possessions.  Please keep your doors locked at all times.

Storage: Storage of personal property on porches or patios is not condoned and is done so at your own risk.  If you have potted plants on balconies, please move then regularly to avoid moisture build up and rotting of carpet and balcony.  Most units are accompanied with a garage or storage locker.  It is tenant’s responsibility to provide a lock.

Patios, Decks and Balconies: Many of our units are accompanied with a patio, deck or balcony.   These outdoor spaces are for your enjoyment and should be used with judgement and discretion:

  • Patios are not for storage of personal items other than traditional outdoor furniture
  • Charcoal grills or firepits are prohibited on decks and balconies
  • Do NOT overload balconies with furniture, pots and plants or occupants!
  • Please do not hang clothing, laundry or towels on patios, decks or balconies

Parking: In most cases, if renters have vehicle, garages, covered parking or parking spaces are assigned.  Unused or unassigned parking spaces may be reassigned or repurposed at discretion of management.   Additional garages or covered parking spaces may be requested from management who may rent the same for a nominal fee.

  • Parking in unmarked, undesignated areas of lots, loading zones or in areas designated for others may result in a tow away at vehicle owners expense
  • Parking in front of apartment doors in unmarked spaces for more than 15 minutes is prohibited.  This is a safety issue of blocking access for emergency personal.    Parking in these locations may result in tow away at vehicle owners expense
  • Abandon, dormant or unused vehicles may not be left on property for more than 72 hours

Common/Shared Spaces/Yards: Courtyards, lawns, basements, lobbies and parking areas are common/shared space and or spaces representing JAMA Properties. 

  • Please be respectful of your neighbors with whom you share these spaces. 
  • Yard sales or other type of outdoor sales are prohibited. 
  • Yard signs, political signs or any fixtures are strictly prohibited as well unless authorized by management
  • Mowing, plantings and landscaping are prohibited without prior management approval

Vehicle mechanical work: Any type of mechanical work on vehicles is strictly prohibited on our properties.  This includes any type of mechanical work, including oil changes, to any vehicle.    

Distributed to tenants upon lease signing, posted prominently in all buildings, posted on

Additional copies of these policies are available upon request.

Revised 10.1.23