About Us

A family owned business

Real estate investment and full service property management in Marion County, Ohio

JAMA is solely owned and operated by Anthony and Misty Flowers. As life long residents of the county, we have roots in the community and are committed to its success and future. We have been in the real estate investment business for more than 30 years.

Our investments consist of single family and multifamily family residential housing, commercial rentals, and agricultural rentals.

Our Property Management Company primarily focuses on owned properties with customized work in the vertical such as grounds maintenance and snow removal. We provide our tenants with a clean, professionally managed and well maintained rental property and a seamless rental experience.

Our locations focus on Old Town Marion and the Mt Vernon Avenue Corridor and our offices are located in the Field Building, at 341 Mt Vernon Ave, Suite 200.

Front view of a JAMA residential property, neatly landscaped.

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Our Company Mission

Preserve our hometown’s architectural history while providing safe, affordable, fine apartment, condominium and single-family home living in Marion’s best locations.

Our Pillars of Success

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Maintenance & Service

Affordable Value

Quality & Design

Prime Locations

Owner Management

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